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    It will vary depending on where you want your vehicle to be collected from and delivered to and the type of transport service that you require, either open or enclosed transport. For an accurate quotation either complete our online quotation form or give our team a quick call on

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    How do I make a booking with Matharu Logistics?

    Complete one of our booking forms online or you can request a booking form by telephone.

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    What documentation is needed in order to transport my car?

    A completed booking form.

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    How far in advance do I you need to make my transport booking?

    We would recommend that you make your booking as early as you can. It is sometimes possible to arrange collection for your vehicle within 48 hours although this is subject to availability.

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    What method of payments does Matharu Logistics accept?

    Matharu Logistics accepts cash or cashier's cheques.

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    When do I make my payment to Matharu Logistics?

    Once we have taken your booking a member of our team will contact you to confirm the booking and discuss any further requirements that you may have. It will be at this time that payment can be arranged.
    Please Note that your vehicle cannot be confirmed as booked until cleared funds have been received.

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    Do I have to be present when Matharu Logistics collect my vehicle?

    You personally don’t have to be present when Matharu Logistics collect or deliver a vehicle, but somebody does. Contacts have to be made clear on the booking form. On delivery the consignee may be required to provide sight of their passport.

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    How do I choose if my vehicle should be transported by open or covered transport?

    Open transport is the most cost effective way of transporting your vehicle and is the most popular choice for our customers. However, if your vehicle is of high value, sits very low to the ground or is an older/ classic vehicle we would recommend that it is transported by covered transport.

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    Is my vehicle insured while in Matharu Logistics's possession?

    Matharu Logistics does not provide insurance to client's vehicle. The client themselves have to insure their vehicle while transportation.

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    Can I put my personal belongings in the vehicle?

    Strictly No! But if anybody does so, Matharu Logistics will not be liable or held responsible for the misplacements of their belongings.

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    How do I prepare my vehicle before Matharu Logistics collect my vehicle?

    There are a number of key factors that you must follow before we transport your vehicle. Please ensure that there are at least 10 liters of fuel in the vehicle. Make any repairs to chips /or cracks in your windows.

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